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is a Bangkok-based boutique literary agency representing publishers and independent authors from across

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Elite Creative Co., Ltd.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Elite Creative Literary Agency represents publishers and independent authors from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Korea, the Philippines, Rwanda, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. in Southeast Asia and beyond. We also represent established Thai authors and acquire Thai-language rights of foreign titles.
At Elite Creative, we are passionate about representation. Our strongest asset is our long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Partners & Clients

Our partners include Adarna House, Brown Bear Books, China Intercontinental Press, Clavis Publishing, Editorial el Pirata, Exisle Publishing, Grupo Edebé, Karadi Tales, Kesaint Blanc Publishing, MidnightSun Publishing, Mijade Editions, Morfem Publishing, Mudacumura Publishing House, Pickle Yolk Books, Pinolek Förlag, Polar Fish Publishing, Praphansarn Publishing, Saint Matthew’s Publishing Corporation, Shadow Mountain Publishing, White Balloon Books, Woman Publisher, and Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia, among others.


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Hall of Fame

Meet the Greats Series

Tim Cooke

Meet the people who changed history! These colorful books introduce readers to important personalities who made an impact on the world. Find out what they achieved and why their lives mattered. Accessible text, witty cartoons, and photographs combine in these reader-friendly biographies.

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Susie Singing and the Great Storm (Thai-English)

Andy Coombs, Sarah Scho

Susie Singing and the Great Storm has been sold as a bilingual edition (Thai-English)!

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Susie Singing (Thai-English)

Andy Coombs, Sarah Scho

Susie Singing has been sold as a bilingual edition (Thai-English)!

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Sammy Sliding and the Big Heavy Thing (Thai-English)

Andy Coombs, Sarah Scho

Sammy Sliding and the Big Heavy Thing has been sold as a bilingual edition (Thai-English)!

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Book Preview


Eric Nshimyumukiza

Bwiza cannot see. But Bwiza wants to go to school on her own. First, she must convince her mother. How will the day turn out for Bwiza?

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Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?

Shobha Viswanath

This charming story about adoption is a powerful reminder to both parents and children that the bonds of family are not dependent on genes. The story tugs at the heartstrings by highlighting the fierce love and loyalty that every member of the family feels towards Gul, the adopted child who is the c

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Dorje’s Stripes

Anshumani Ruddra

A beautiful Royal Bengal tiger, Dorje, is missing his stripes. In a small Buddhist monastery in Tibet, Master Wu, a gentle-hearted monk tries to understand the secret of Dorje’s missing stripes. This story takes us to Tibet, Bengal and the heart of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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Princess Easy Pleasy

Natasha Sharma

Princess Easy Pleasy is all but easy to please. She drives the royal packer up the wall with her quirks that are as seasonal as her royal vacations. Where does it all stop?

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