A Tiny Grain of Rice: Musings and Stories

A Tiny Grain of Rice: Musings and Stories

Author : Seksan Prasertkul
Language : Thai
Category : Memoir
Rights : World
Publisher : Praphansarn Publishing
ISBN : 978-616-510-484-5
Extent : 263 pages
“You sent my man to die,” the Hmong woman sobbed with her head bowed. He, temporarily in charge of the company, could only look at her. How could he have known his dispatching a small unit to their base’s parameters would end in a tragedy for some families?
The first half of A Tiny Grain of Rice, written in a hybrid between prose and poetry, is a meditation on transience, human nature, and nature itself: “In that lonely vale, you need not forget the brimming stream, or how you once led someone across the bridge to joy… But be prepared to rest on the parched boulder, alone, caressed by the scorching sun.” This is followed by a series of autobiographical essays on the author’s time in The People’s Liberation Army of Thailand, his near-assassinations, his failed marriage, and his concept of memory and home.
“Seksan’s profound writing brings us not only some truths about human lives, dreams, and realities, but also a political history of Thailand.”
                                                                                                                                     — Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia


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